Variance Reporting

Instantly understand if your are under or over performing. Create a Budget vs Actual report with one click and automate your variance reporting.

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Budget vs. Actual Reporting

  • Compare actual data with budgets and forecasts. Visualize how you are stacking up to your monthly and annual goals.
  • Easily craft monthly management reports to your leadership teams providing feedback on where you under/over performed
  • Create financial reports that give a health check on where you are compared to approved budgets.

With Variance Reporting Automatically Create the Following Metrics:

  • Month-to-Date Variance
  • Month-to-Date Variance %
  • Year-to-Date Actual
  • Year-to-Date Variance
  • Year-to-Date Variance %
  • Year-to-Date Actual
  • Prior yr. Year-to-Date Actual
  • Prior yr. Year-to-Date Variance
  • Prior yr. Year-to-Date Variance %

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