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Your command center for raising capital.

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"There is another really awesome reason to keep investors updated: they didn’t give you all of their money — they have more! If you keep your investors engaged with honest updates they will reward you by participating in future rounds."

Jason Calacanis

Your Startup Fundraising Command Center

  • Display your most recent Updates, key metrics, and team members to manage your current investors and attract potential capital.
  • Investors are pattern recognition machines – show how frequently you are sending Updates and sharing data with your current investors.
  • Highlight key data to show where your business is at and where it is headed.


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Build an Investor Pipeline

  • Fundraising is a sales process – build a strong pipeline of potential investors while continuing to focus on your day-to-day tasks.
  • Allow potential investors to “subscribe” to your next round of Updates so they can keep tabs on your business.
  • Qualify, nurture, and build relationships with potential investors so you can speed up the fundraising process when the time is right.


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"Remember that fund raising is a sales process. The investor is a customer and they have money to spend but only for a limited number of companies. They are buying trust in you that you will build a large business that will be valuable."

Mark Suster - Union Square Ventures