A slightly less shitty WordPress developer workflow

Karel - August 30, 2015

Visible’s marketing site was initially built on WordPress but when came the time to redo it, the first thing we did was look at alternatives. We had individually given WordPress way too many (frustrating) hours and couldn’t imagine ourselves going back to the good old CMS. But after some research, we took a step back and realized that between migrating the existing data, replacing the plugins and learning an entirely new CMS, maybe WordPress was still our best option. After all there are 74,652,825 WordPress sites (self-hosted WP account for 18.9% of all websites) out there so the community and support alone is massive.

We decided to use WordPress again but this time it had to be a different and more enjoyable experience. So we decided to give it a spin and tried to improve the process and have a little fun so we could resent WordPress a little less ;). This series of 4 articles is our journey to a slightly less shitty WordPress workflow:

You will find all the code related to these articles on Visible’s Github wordpress-starter repository.