Integrations & Data Transformation

Instantly consolidate and compare data across multiple data sources, people and entities.

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Transform your data

  • With our formula builder you can combine multiple data source to create new metrics, data stories and analysis.
  • Our data sources query and transform all of your raw transactional data so you don’t have to. No SQL or Data Science knowledge needed.
  • All of your data is normalized letting it easily be compared with other data sources.
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Unlock Your Historical Data

  • With our data source integrations we query all of your historical data automatically.
  • Avoid the common dashboard pitfall of only saving your current period data. We grab a snapshot of your past performance and will save it for you.
  • Easily see year over year trends, create benchmarks and visualize performance.

Data Source Integrations

  • Utilize our direct data source integrations to automatically bring your key metrics into Visible.
  • Connect your own database and other data environments to our API to automate KPI reporting.
  • Our Zapier integration also gives you 1000+ other popular applications to get data from.