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WeDidIt leverages Visible to engage potential investors while keeping their current investors in the loop as they continue to grow.

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Utilizing Visible to Raise Capital

Overview: WeDidIt is a Brooklyn-based company that is all about helping nonprofits raise more money and reach new donors. WeDidIt’s platform offers two general operations; transactional software to accept donations and a matchmaking side to match organizations with valuable donors.

Challenge: With a leadership team pressed for time, WeDidIt wanted to create attractive and easy-to-understand reports they could send to their current and potential stakeholders. Understanding the importance of stakeholder communication WeDidIt implemented Visible with the help of one of our analyst to help set out on their next capital raise while sending quick Updates to their current investors.

Using Our Analyst-in-Residence: 

Our “Analyst-in-Residence” team has helped WeDidIt take their reporting process to the next level by creating their “Updates” on a monthly basis. When Su, WeDidIt’s CEO, has a couple minutes to kill he sends a voice memo to our team with the state of the business and we transcribe the message, add necessary data/charts, and send it out to their current investors all in a few minutes.

“For early stage companies, your investors are more than just sources of capital; they're advisors who can help guide you based on their depth of experience and knowledge. Keeping them updated on what's happening let's them see where they can help.”

Su Sanni - CEO & Co-Founder

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