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Following a successful crowdfunding campaign, bitcoin platform Safello leverages Visible to keep dozens of investors engaged in their growth.

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Onboarding Crowdfunding Investors

Overview: Safello is a Sweden-based bitcoin spending platform that started with the simple idea that the market needs a company it can trust. Just two years since being founded, the company now supports 32 countries and thousands of customers with a safe and simple way into bitcoin.

In addition to graduating from the Barclays Techstars Accelerator, the company successfully closed its latest funding round led by the Digital Currency Group as part of a successful crowdfunding campaign that was oversubscribed within a week.
Challenge: After concluding its highly successful crowdfunding campaign through FundedByMe in which over 150 investors backed the company to the tune of almost $700,000, Safello needed a way to minimize asynchronous communication and keep all of their key stakeholders engaged in the business on an ongoing basis.
Most Valuable Metrics: Along with narrative updates on the growth of the business each month, Safello also tracks a number of key metrics, most importantly, User Growth and Volume. Volume in particular is interesting as the company can correlate that to the overall Bitcoin market performance and see if it is performing better.

“For a long time I had been looking for a good way to keep shareholders informed. I found Visible on Product Hunt and was instantly sold. The team’s responsiveness and willingness to adopt feature requests - in our case, support for the Swedish Krona - is what keeps me on board each month.”

Frank Schuil - Founder & CEO

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