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Seattle SaaS startup Rival IQ uses Visible to keep investors in 4 states and 2 countries engaged in the growth of the business.

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Engaging Investors Across the World

Challenge: Rival IQ has investors in 4 states, 2 countries, & needed a low- friction way to keep everyone engaged and involved in the business on a regular basis.

Solution: Visible helps Rival IQ efficiently keep all investors (angels, angel groups, funds) engaged with visualize dashboards complimented by longer-form qualitative updates. As a SaaS company, Rival IQ is laser focused on MRR, CAC, and Monthly Churn. One other key metric their investors like to keep an eye on is Cash Balance & the trend over time.

“A key value we embrace at Rival IQ is transparency and communication with our employees and our investors. make it easy to keep investors in the know with regular updates and the ability to review any metrics and how it is trending over time when it is convenient for them.”

John Clark - Founder & CEO

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