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Pattern89 helps digital marketers discover what works for paid social. We use machine learning, rapid experimentation, and automation to shorten the time it takes for a marketer to put paid social to use.




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Google Sheets

Building a Cadence with New Investors

Challenge: With a fresh round of capital and a developing product, Pattern89 was faced with countless spreadsheets and data sources siloing their key data. With data being the deciding factor behind many of Pattern89’s product decisions they needed a way to surface the data and get as many “smart minds” looking at the same data.

Solution: By implementing Visible, R.J. Talyor – Pattern89 CEO, has been able to surface their key data and build a weekly cadence with Pattern89’s team members and investors. Visible has allowed R.J. to transform number, charts, and trend lines into the transparent growth story of Pattern89; wins, losses, and growth.

A Tip from R.J.: In the Visible Update template I use, there’s a specific section named “Where I need help,” where I list the 2-3 places that Pattern89 needs new thought/idea/feedback on what we might do next. I always get responses from this section–introductions to potential customers, books/resources I should consider, or a quick phone call to talk through the area I’ve outlined.

“Visible does all the hard work in producing the numbers, charts, graphs, and trendlines that tell the transparent story of our company--wins, losses, growth, challenges. More smart minds looking at the same data I'm staring at helps to engineer new ideas and new ways to grow Pattern89.”

R.J. Talyor - CEO & Founder

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