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MakerClub is a network of after-school clubs that based in the UK designed to teach invention, and all the skills that come with it ....


Hove, UK

Update Recipients

Investors, Potential Investors, and Clients

Metrics Tracked


Challenge: With a vast array of stakeholders MakerClub needs a way to keep everyone headed in the same direction as they continue to quickly expand on their 6 current after-school clubs. Having a network of clubs across the country MakerClub is responsible for actively updating the clubs and local club sponsors in addition to their team, board, and investors.

Solution: Utilizing Updates MakerClub has been able to segment and build a rapport with their different levels of stakeholders using the structure below.

Current and potential investorsSimon, MakerClub CEO, will send out a quick Update to any of their current and potential investors to give them an idea of how they are performing towards their goals.

After-School Clubs and Sponsors
– With 6 clubs across the country and a number of sponsorships from local companies department heads at MakerClub will send out a weekly Update to each sponsor and club with set metrics showing how the clubs and children are improving.

Team Update
Every Monday the team at MakerClub has strategy meeting where each department head will fill out the agenda and week plans in a Visible Update to share across their organization to set the tone for the week.

“I have to know my numbers and be able to justify them, so I believe the additional transparency makes me more aware of any issues we might face, and allows me to understand what's important from the various different stakeholders perspectives.”

Simon Riley - CEO & Founder

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