Backend Engineer

You'll help build our Rails REST API and have a hand in backend administration.

What we are looking for

You will be responsible for developing the backend of the application. We use mainly Ruby on Rails and Postgresql. You will implement the different features and endpoints for our API. We have many different challenges that range from pure backend (implement metric calculations) to system administration (setting up a Docker infrastructure) or optimization (scale a database with millions of records). Hopefully, you are comfortable with a unix environment and you see the beauty in finding a simple solution to a problem.

You don’t have to know Rails or Ruby (apparently they don’t always come together). However, you must have some extensive experience with a language and you need to be able to learn Ruby and Rails quickly and eventually become great at it.

You value regular and transparent communication. You should also be comfortable (experience valued) working remotely or with a remote team. Our current product team includes: Luiz (Chicago), Chris (Colorado), Mikhail (Moscow) and Karel (depends when you read this). Feel free to join us in Chicago though!

How we work

We are a young, seed stage venture backed company, with a team of 7. It means that we are big enough to pay competitive salaries yet small enough that everyone strongly impacts the company. In no particular order we value autonomy, transparency and genuinely nice people.

We are a distributed team because we believe that you should live wherever you are happiest and that diversity is awesome. We care more about what you do than when, where, and how you do it. We care more for quality than quantity.

We believe a company should serve their employees and will do whatever we can to assist you or make your life better.

Fine print

  • We will provide whatever equipment you need to get work done
  • If you chose to work remotely, the entire team meets up in person at least once a year in a new destination every time.
  • You’ll get a salary (US$70-90k)
  • You’ll get meaningful equity .2-.5%

Interested in applying? Send us an email with whatever information you judge relevant.