[Webinar] How to get Funded in 15 Days

Published March 27, 2018


Lighter Capital + Visible

Join Visible and our partners over at Lighter Capital on April 10th and 2pm EST for our Webinar on How to Get Funded in 15 Days.

Compressing the fundraising cycle can have a huge impact on a startup and its chances of success. This webinar will help you speed up your fundraising cycle by arming you with the information and data that startup investors want to see. We’ll also cover the best ways to present data to investors using the latest technology and communications.

This webinar will cover:

  • The legal and financial data and documents investors need to see.
  • Data sources and technology solutions to communicate with investors.
  • How to use business operations dashboards and metrics to inform your management decisions and fundraising strategy.

Head over and Register for the Webinar now! 

-The Visible Team

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