[Video] The Do Better Work Video Series

Published December 3, 2019


In an 8 part video series, Max Yoder, Founder of Lessonly and author of Do Better Work, sits down with different leaders to uncover how individuals can find clarity, camaraderie, and progress in both their work and personal life.

Watch the Video Series Here >>>

Do Better Work is one of our favorite culture books here at Visible (in fact, it is highly recommended everyone on our team read it when starting at Visible). The video series is a great supplement to the book and covers the following topics over the 8 videos:

  • Be Vulnerable
  • Share Before You’re Ready
  • Look for Opportunity
  • Ask Clarifying Questions
  • Highlight What’s Working
  • Have Difficult Conversations
  • Get More Agreements
  • Bring Brightness to the Room

Watch the Video Series Here >>>

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