The Top Founder Forward Articles Shared in 2018

Published November 23, 2018

In 2018, we’ve sent nearly 50 Founders Forward Newsletter with over 425 third party articles. We include our favorite content for attracting and engaging investors, hiring great talent, company culture, startup finance, leadership and much more.

This week, we share the top articles shared in the Founders Forward this year by category. Think you have content that our readers will enjoy? Shoot us a message with your content to

Attracting & Engaging Investors

How to Make the Perfect Pitch Deck

Kolby McElvain of High Alpha draws the parallels between telling a great story and creating a pitch deck by laying out a pitch deck template in 12 “chapters.”

The top 3 Things are Looking for in SaaS Startups

Christoph Janz of Point Nine Capital explores the current climate of SaaS fundraising and what it will take for companies to raise in the coming year.

How to Send the Perfect Cold Email to an Investor

Bill Wilson, CEO of MindSea, lays out a simple five-step framework to help increase your odds of getting a response to a cold email to an investor.

Angel Investors Want to Fall in Love

Joshua Baer, CEO of Capital Factory, breaks down the major differences between pitching angel investors and pitching a venture capital firm.

Company Culture

Slack-off Fridays: What Happened When One Team Experienced a Day Without Slack

Kevan Lee, Director of Marketing at Buffer, explains what happened when his team decided to test not using Slack on Fridays and the overall reaction from the team.

What is An ‘Execution Plan’?

Steven Sinofsky of a16z discusses how a company’s mission, vision, plan, and tactics come together to form the overall company strategy.

Is the Lean Startup Dead?

Steve Blank, the entrepreneur behind the Lean Startup, discusses the major shifts in venture capital since the Dot-Com bubble and why companies might want to focus on scaling as opposed to product-market fit in today’s market.

The Power of Culture: How to Hire and Attract Amazing People

Aytekin Tank, Founder at JotForm, studies the culture at Zappos and how startups can use the lessons and ideas from Zappos to create a strong and desirable company culture.

The 3 Employee Benefits That Have the Biggest Impact on Team Morale at Work

Claire Lew, Founder of Know Your Company, breaks down a survey of 1000+ leaders by explaining the 3 benefits employees value the most.


Startup Founders Need to Quit Lying

Alexander Muse, Founder of Sumo Ventures, makes the case why founders need to be transparent and to the point when talking to potential hires.

What Does the CEO of Front Do?

Mathilde Collin offers an inside perspective of her day-to-day as the CEO of one of the fastest growing SaaS startups.

An Alternative Way to Communicate Vision as a CEO

Mikael Cho, Founder & CEO of Unsplash, shares how he has changed how Unsplash share their company vision.

Finance & Metrics

Importance of Early Sustainability, Unlimited Runway, and Ability to Pivot

Enis Hulli of 500 Startups breaks down the need for seed stage companies to build sustainability early so they have the opportunity to experiment and pivot as much as possible.  

Things to Think About Before an Acquisition

Eric Tobias of High Alpha draws on his experience of being a part of 3 company acquisitions to discuss the importance of having an exit strategy.

A Founder’s Guide to Debt Financings

Mesh Lakhani of Mark 2 Capital discusses the ins and outs of debt financing and lays out expectations, reasoning, and pricing for debt financing.


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