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The Ultimate Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS

Our Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Google Sheet Template

customer retention cohort analysis

As startups scale, iterate, innovate and create processes, we would hope to see them not only acquiring customers at a faster pace, but also retaining them longer, correct? One would assume as product/market fit is found, domain experts are hired and new campaigns are launched that customer retentions gets better…but how do you know?

This is why a cohort retention analysis is incredibly helpful, and why we created The Ultimate Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS.

customer analysis cohort analysis template

A cohort analysis is a study of activities for a certain segment of customers or users. In this template, we are looking at the customer cohorts for the quarter or month they were acquired, and what % of those customers were retained for subsequent quarters/months.

Ideally, you are improving retention with your most recent cohorts. In the example above, you can see that customers acquired in Q4 of 2017 were retained at a greater percentage than those from previous quarters!

With cohort analysis, you can start to correlate initiatives in your own business to see how they may affect the customer lifecycle. For example, maybe you introduce paid search as a marketing strategy, then realize retention drops because customers acquired through paid were not the ideal customer type.

Perhaps cohort retention improved as you started to introduce features in your product to engage customers through a daily digest.

Building a customer retention cohort analysis can be a time suck which is why we are open sourcing our template with you today. Our template provides entry of customer data in two different ways, in addition to supporting tracking over quarters and months.

using customer retention cohort analysis template

Everything you need can be found in the instructions tab of the template. This template will allow you do get data from the previous eight quarters and is completely automated.

Get The Ultimate Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS

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