The Founders Forward Reading List: “Jobs-to-be-Done”

Published November 22, 2018

Read Jobs-to-be-Done, a book by Intercom, by using this link

As put by the Lean Methods Group, “The Job To Be Done (JTBD) is a framework for viewing your products and solutions in terms of the jobs customers are trying to get done. In other words, the JTBD is the reason why your customers hire your product or service.”

In the book by Intercom they take a deep dive into the Jobs to be Done theory and include a deal of great information. A couple of areas the book focuses on:

  • Attracting new customers by appealing to their job to be done
  • Having a grasp of the competitors in your category
  • Using jobs to be done to help build product features
  • How to speak with customers to understand what job they are trying to accomplish

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