Productivity Hack : Searching in Chrome

Published April 1, 2014

A Google Chrome Tip to Save You Time

Ever find yourself searching the same sites over and over again? Google Images, Craigslist, ESPN, etc. For instance, we find ourselves always searching Crunchbase for startups and investors.

Did you know that you can have character shortcuts in Chrome to automatically search a site? Instead of going to and then entering in a query and hitting search, we have it set so typing “cb” in Chrome followed by the query will take us right to the results.

google chrome crunchbase search

In fact, you can do this with any site that has search. Another favorite of mine is typing in “img” to search Google Images.

To set this up and customize yourself follow these steps.

1) Open up Chrome

2) Navigate to “Preferences” 

3) Click “Manage Search Engines” 


4) Customize the shortcut Keyword you want to use. E.g. “cl” for craigslist or “img” for Google Image


5) Go to the search box, enter the keyword and query 


6) BOOM! Precious seconds saved every time you search. 

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