Mike’s Note #8 — Our Open Sourced Investor Database

Published March 20, 2020

We are sharing before we are ready on this one. So much has changed over the past week we wanted to audible to make sure we are helping startups as much as we can.

The Visible team is fast tracking our open sourced investor database project. While this will be productized in the near future, we are hosting it on Airtable which you can find here.

We currently have data on over 6,500 early stage investors, accelerators and venture funds across the world. Our mission is to give startups a better chance of success and that starts with access to capital.

If you want to pay it forward and have a data source to contribute, just reply back. You can find more about the project here. A huge thanks to all of the contributors to date (list in the manifesto).

We are dead serious about this project and we hired a full time analyst who started on Monday to manage the project and data integrity going forward. This database will also be integrated with our Fundraising CRM in the next 4 weeks.

Check out our investor database, Visible Connect:

Last Weeks Note – Flamin’ Hot Cheetos

  • Mark from kast.gg wrote in, “We have something that will help businesses, families, friends get a little sense of normalcy. We create a virtual living room experience, and our motto is Play Together. Watch Together. Be Together.” – Mike’s Note: The one benefit of the current craziness is getting connect with loved ones going through the same experience.

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