Mike’s Note #17 — The Founders Forward + My Brother

You may have seen that we launched the Founders Forward Podcast this week. We launched the first three episodes of season one. We showcase some of the incredible founders in our community. In these first episodes, you’ll learn:

  • How sleep can make you a better leader from Jeff Kahn
  • All things branding and wellness from Amanda Goetz
  • How to start a podcast from a B2B podcasting platform founder, Lindsay Tjepkema,

Many of you have let me know how much you love our content and The Visible Weekly newsletter. I wish I could take credit but that all goes to my younger brother, Matt, who started at Visible as an intern during a collegiate winter break and hasn’t left. He is also the producer of the Founders Forward. He’s someone who I can always trust but someone who likely doesn’t get the same love from me as other team members since he is blood. Thank you Matt, I love you.

If you have something you want to level up on as a founder or have a guest who is an expert in something that can better serve founders, I’d love to hear you suggestions!


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