Mike’s Note #16 — I told you this was going to happen

Just like a LiveJournal that went dormant from neglect, my weekly note went silent at the beginning of June. To be fair, I said this might happen in my first note. Why did I go MIA?

  1. I started to get outside on the weekends after the initial covid lockdown.
  2. We launched our new brand identity and the future of Visible.

I’m dusting off the keyboard and will be back regularly. We are coming off our best quarter of all time and just brought on Angelina who will be heading up our founder community.

We need your help. We hope to build a community that you have been yearning for and would love your feedback. You can fill out this form to provide some feedback or just reply back.

We are onboarding our first cohort of 8 members in two weeks! If you wish to be considered for future cohorts let me know!


Up & to the right,




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