Metrics Galore!

Published January 8, 2014

You may have gotten ours newsletter but it is too good not to share again on our blog.

It was a busy December for the Visible team and we’ve put together our greatest release yet. We tasked ourselves to create a robust way for our users to customize everything about their company profiles while making it easy to use.

We’re proud to announce a new chart builder (finally graph multiple metrics at once!), a “highlights” section, and revamped navigation on the company page. See an example profile in action for yourself!


Our Chart Builder

Our brand new chart builder lets you create beautiful charts in seconds. Now you can graph multiple metrics on the same chart. You’ll be able to:

  • Chart up to 8 of any of the metrics you are tracking in Visible
  • Choose from 7 different chart types
  • Customize the color(s) of the metrics
  • Enter your own chart title

chart build screenshot


Our new Highlights feature lets company managers enter qualitative updates at any time. It will create a “stream” of milestones related to that company with the author and date stamp. It’s all rich text so you’ll be able to customize how it looks. Highlights are great for:

  • Wins, challenges, and needs for your company
  • Screenshots of future products
  • Links to press articles
  • Just about any qualitative info!

highlights builder

What’s next?

We always want to make it as easy as possible to get the right data, insights and metrics to the right people. That’s why we are hard at work on 3rd Party Integrations. Companies will be able to connect their profiles to popular 3rd party services (Google Analytics & Stripe to start) to automatically pull out key metrics and data.

As always any feedback or questions are welcome. Just reply to this email or send one to mike at visible dot vc.

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