May 2020 Venture Data Report

Over a month ago, China witnessed a bounce back in venture capital investments. And looking over May’s investment data, we see that the United States and global VC involvement is starting to come back strong in a similar fashion.

For Starters

Both the total dollar amount and the number of deals (recorded from Dan Primack’s Pro Rata Newsletter) are much higher than we saw in April. May accumulated 288 deals totaling  $12,126,800,000. Compared to April, May had over 40 more deals and over $5B more in total investments.

Note: This is data collected from the Pro Rata Newsletter.

Range of deal values for May:

  • Minimum: $1,400,000 (Raised by Oxwash)
  • Mode: $10,000,000 (17 Deals)
  • Median $15,000,000
  • Average $42,253,659 (April: $33,781,513)
  • Maximum: $750,000,000 (Raised by Waymo)

For more insight over May 2020’s Venture Capital deals, click below.

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