Recorded Webinar

How Your Board Can be a Secret Weapon

“Leading a world-class board is one of the single most important things startup CEOs can do to help their businesses thrive and become industry leaders.” — Matt Blumberg, CEO of Bolster

Hosted by
Matt Blumberg
CEO @ Bolster
Mike Preuss
CEO @ Visible

A great board of directors has the ability to be a “secret weapon” for a company. At the same time, a bad board has the ability to kill a company. Matt Blumberg, CEO of Bolster, joined us to break down how early-stage founders can build a great board — we covered everything from recruiting board members to running a successful board meeting.

What we covered:

  • How a great board can be a secret weapon
  • The purpose of a board of directors
  • Determining the makeup of your board
  • Scaling your board as you grow
  • How to best run a board meeting