June 2020 Venture Data Report

Published July 6, 2020

As 2020 reaches the halfway point, the United States, and much of the world, continues facing crucial problems of racial injustice and the coronavirus re-outbreak. However, venture capital funding seems to be trending in an encouraging way. We’ll look over what June had in store for us and what to be on the watch for moving forward.

For Starters

In June, we saw strong check sizes and a plethora of completed deals (recorded from Dan Primack’s Pro Rata Newsletter). We racked up 292 deals totaling $11,378,180,000 throughout June’s 30 days. These numbers held similar to May, with only 4 more total deals and $749M less in total funding.

Note: This is data collected from the Pro Rata Newsletter.

Range of deal values for June:

  • Minimum: $1,200,000 (Raised by Workhuman)
  • Mode: $20,000,000 (13 Deals)
  • Median: $18,000,000
  • Average: $39,645,226 (May: $42,253,659)
  • Maximum: $750,000,000 (2 deals: raise by Zuoyebang and Epic Games)

For more insight over June 2020’s Venture Capital deals, click below.

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