Introducing: Investor Letters

Published February 18, 2016

Every week, Investor Letters leverages the Visible platform to surface insightful stakeholder updates sent from leaders of public and private companies as well as top asset managers, venture capitalists, and product and business thinkers. The goal of this project is two-fold:

  1. Build an always-available repository of great strategic thinking for business leaders
  2. Add value to the letters by using data and visualizations (with Visible Charts, of course) to drive home actionable lessons

Each weekly Investor Letter highlights a great company or leader at a major inflection points. Think Nike in early 2009 as their stock dipped below $10 per share just prior to their major run-up over the last 8 years.


Nike Investor Letters

Or Jamie Dimon’s note to JP Morgan shareholders in the midst of the Great Financial Crisis just months after the fall of Lehman Brothers.

Investor Letters - Jamie Dimon

So how does Investor Letters work?

Like everything we do here at Visible, we want to make this as easy as possible for you to get started. You can make sure you are on the list and have access to the archives by entering your email just below. Then, you will receive a confirmation email with a link that will take you straight to the Investor Letters archive.

From there, we will send a new Investor Letter directly to your inbox every Wednesday. Of course, you will always be able to jump into Visible to view the entire back catalog!


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