Startup Insurance – [Infographic]

Published October 7, 2017

Insurance is one of those important checklist items that every company needs. Every founder has questions about something that is not a core competency of pretty many businesses. It can also be a nuisance to understand and distract from critical day to day operations that are so vital in the early days of a startup.

Insurance is crucial when you need it but usually an afterthought early on. I remember the pain first hand the first time an insurance question was brought up at Visible when we needed technology errors and omissions insurance for a particular client.

To save fellow operators, founders and entrepreneurs the headache, we’ve partnered with Founder Shield to provide some more insight into a common insurance type for venture backed companies; Directors & Officers Insurance (commonly referred to as D&O).

We hope you enjoy!

Startup Insurance Infographic

startup insurance infographic

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