How to Raise Your Series A with Michael Rangel of Novo

Upcoming Webinar
Date & Time
September 21st — 1pm EST
Building a company is difficult. Being a founder can almost feel impossible. There are very few people that have been in the shoes of a founder. As a startup founder, there is no one better to learn from than the person that has been there before.
Hosted by
Michael Rangel
CEO @ Novo
Mike Preuss
CEO @ Visible

In order to help founders get an inside look at a successful Series A fundraise, Michael Rangel, CEO of Novo, is joining us to discuss how he did it. In the wake of the Novo $41.7M Series A, Michael can offer a unique look “under-the-hood.”

Join us for a webinar on September 21st @ 2pm EST as we discuss how Michael Rangel and the team at Novo raised their Series A round. A few topic we’ll discuss:

  • Determining if you are ready for your Series A
  • How to prepare yourself for a raise
  • How to prepare your company for a raise
  • How to prepare your pitch and documents for a raise
  • How to craft your Series A pitch deck and narrative

We’ll also leave ample time for Q&A, so have those questions ready!

The webinar is completely free. If you can’t make it at the scheduled time, register anyway—we’ll send the recording to everyone who signed up. And if you know someone who you think should attend, feel free to share the link.