Founders Forward: Our 10 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Over the course of 2019 we sent 52 Founders Forward Weekly Newsletters, curated 450+ articles, and wrote 60+ posts ourselves. This article shares the 10 most popular posts we wrote in 2019. Be on the…

Over the course of 2019 we sent 52 Founders Forward Weekly Newsletters, curated 450+ articles, and wrote 60+ posts ourselves. This article shares the 10 most popular posts we wrote in 2019. Be on the lookout as we share our top curated posts in the coming weeks as well.

The Ultimate Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS

How are your business decisions and go-to-market efforts affecting your customer retention? Use our Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template to find out.


How do you Determine Proper Compensation for Startup CEOs and Early Employees?

In a guest post for the Founders Forward Blog, Brock Benefiel studies how founders should approach paying themselves as well as their earliest hires.


What’s the Split? How to Fairly Split Startup Equity with Founders and Early Team Members.

Even the most experienced leaders struggle with the issue of fairly dividing equity. To help alleviate the stress, we laid out a few thoughts for determining how you want to split your equity with co-founders and early employees.


4 Key Slides That Can Make or Break Your Pitch Deck

There is no shortage of pitch deck examples online, but no matter what template you use, pay special attention to these 4 slides.


Total Addressable Market: Lessons from Uber’s Initial Estimates

total addressable market model has an interesting place in the fundraising process. Difficult to predict, and often inaccurate, most investors use TAM to paint a picture if the company is worthy of being venture backed. This week, we share what you can learn from Uber’s initial market size estimates.


Understanding Power Law Curves to Better Your Chances of Raising Venture Capital

To better your odds of raising venture capital you need to understand how they think and why they make the decisions that they make. We share underlying VC motives that will better your chances of raising venture capital.


First Meeting with a Potential Investor? Ask These 5 Questions

Meeting a potential investor for the first time can be an intimidating meeting. To help ease the process and get to the bottom of understanding their process, we share 5 questions to help evaluate if they are a good fit for you business.


The Startup Metrics Potential Investors Want to See

Take a look at the traits that most potential investors will have their eye on during the fundraising process.


The Pro Rata Conversation Can Be Tough (But It Doesn’t Have to Be)

Discussing pro rata can be a difficult conversation for both investors and founders. The simplest way to keep all parties happy? Form a relationship and have the difficult conversations before you’re put in a tough spot under the wire.


Ultimate Guide to Currency Conversion & Consolidation

Mike, our CEO, shares an in-depth guide and downloadable template to convert and consolidate financials across many currencies.


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