Our Favorite Blogs for Getting Started with Fundraising

Published October 22, 2018

There are thousands of resources on the internet for helping founders raise venture capital. From curating content for 200+ issues of the Founders Forward Newsletter we have had the chance to discover hundreds of blog posts ourselves. Below we share our favorite for getting started with venture capital fundraising.

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Our Favorite Fundraising Blog Posts

The #1 Thing Most People do Wrong When They Fundraise — Elizabeth Yin

Elizabeth Yin, Founder of The Hustle Fund, shares her experiences for what makes a successful fundraise. Elizabeth focuses on the relationship building and sales process when fundraising. At the end of the day the fundraising process mirrors a sales and customer development process and should be treated as such.


The Long Engagement — Fred Wilson

Fred Wilson, Founder of Union Square Ventures, discusses what it means for a company and venture firm to enter a relationship. The average VC + Investor relationship is 8-10 years so it is vital to make sure you’re speaking with the right firms and are ready to enter a long engagement.


Tiny Checks — Charlie O’Donnell

Charlie O’Donnell, VC at Brooklyn Bridge Ventures, explains the benefits of keeping your current investors engaged. By sending your current investors a quick update founders will improve the likelihood of raising follow on funding at a later date.


Moving Investors Through Your Fundraising Funnel

In our Founders Forward blog post, we discuss the parallels between a fundraising and sales process. By systemizing your fundraising process you can save time and focus on what matters in your day to day as a startup founder.


Understanding Power Law Curves to Better Your Chances of Raising Venture Capital

In our Founders Forward blog post, we explain the economics of a venture capital firm. By better understanding how a venture capital firm functions you can understand who you are pitching (selling to) to increase your odds of raising venture capital.

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