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Co-founder and CEO of Visible.vc. Chicago born and IU Grad.

Visible & HubSpot Integration – Announcing our next generation integrations!

We are thrilled to be launching our HubSpot integration! HubSpot will kick off our next generation of Visible Integrations. Our “Next Generation” integrations will have the seamless experience our customers have come to love, but will allow users to pull row level data (in addition to metrics).  Users will now be able to expose and drill down to transactional level detail for any of your metrics! For example, this will allow our customers to not only expose revenue trends but the underlying transactions & customers that make up a given reporting period. Want to create a HubSpot dashboard & Update showing a pipeline breakdown with the Deal Names? Done! Interested in creating a HubSpot report of New Leads for a given segment? Look no further! What companies in HubSpot have more than…

Mike Preuss - February 1, 2018

#Product Updates

Connecting Dots to Tell Your Story

Looking for a New Year’s Resolution? Keep reading! Storytelling in business has become a clear competitive advantage over the past decade. Customers, investors and talent have more choices than ever and are armed with more information than ever. Companies that can effectively tell their story will create emotional engagement with their stakeholders, cut through the noise and ultimately drive growth. In relation to fundraising, storytelling is a crucial component of driving interest and ultimately term sheets. This is especially true in the early stages as checks are written more on vision than traction. There are a lot of great resources for storytelling in relation to fundraising so check back for Part II next week for storytelling specifics. Today I wanted to focus on one often overlooked part of fundraising &…

Pull Levers in your Sales Funnel with Product Qualified Leads

Product Qualified Leads (PQLs) have become a major trend in SaaS companies over the last couple of years. Why the shift to the new framework? I have two thoughts. 1) The way organizations sell and market their products are different and 2) business software continues to look more and more like consumer software. We’ve scaled Visible to hundreds (soon thousands) of paid customers with a lean team through adopting a Product Qualified Lead framework. Disclaimer: Product Qualified Leads may not fit into every business and organization as some solutions may require intensive initial implementation or for strategic reasons the end-user never gets to try the product. Typically these are high ACV products. Regardless of your business, I hope you still get some value from this post and takeaway parts you want…

Mike Preuss - December 7, 2017

#Metrics & Data

Our New Contextual Help Guide

Every six months I usually say something along these lines to our awesome product team… “I just went through our on-boarding flow, I think we could be doing a better job. How do we let customers help themselves but also not leave them with a completely blank slate? Can’t we make signing up more frictionless? What if they never know XYZ exists?” Our team goes to work, we make some great improvements and then six months later I go through our sign up flow again. Rinse & Repeat. This time around, our team spent days researching what the best companies are doing. We read their blog posts and looked at how they tackled the problem. Then a funny patterned emerged. Whenever we tried out their latest sign up and on-boarding flow, in almost every…

Mike Preuss - November 22, 2017

#Product Updates

Ultimate Report Part 4 of 4: Marketing Demand Gen Funnel

Welcome to part 4 of 4 of our Ultimate Report series. When we talk to our customers and potential customers we love to get an understanding of their “ultimate report”. It’s the report that stakeholders can quickly rally behind and understand how the business is performing, usually to a goal or target. Part 1: Pacing Part 2: Cadence & Operational Metrics Part 3: ARR Movements Part 4: Marketing Demand Gen Funnel We’re wrapping our fall edition of the Ultimate Report series with a report that resonates with the entire Visible team, the Marketing Demand Gen Funnel. What is it? A funnel that is used to track marketing conversions, typically around demand generation and inbound marketing. Who is it for?  Primarily any SaaS business that relies on inbound marketing and trials to bring in new self-serve customers. However, the…

Mike Preuss - October 25, 2017

#Metrics & Data

Intelligent Google Sheets & Our Google Cloud Partnership

Today we are beyond thrilled to be releasing improvements to our Google Sheets Integration and to announce that we are now a Google Cloud Partner. Our application is now available to the Google Cloud and G Suite ecosystem.   What are the improvements? Many of our customers using our Google Sheets integration restructure, manipulate or change their Sheets files over time. Previously it was tedious making sure these changes were reflected into your Google Sheets Dashboards and Updates.   Our release today allows for intelligent mapping. As your Sheets change we will understand if rows are moved up, down or removed and automatically reflect those in your Visible account. No action is needed on your part.   If you make larger changes to your data set like renaming metrics we may prompt you with a question to…

Mike Preuss - October 19, 2017

#Product Updates

Startup Insurance – [Infographic]

Insurance is one of those important checklist items that every company needs. Every founder has questions about something that is not a core competency of pretty many businesses. It can also be a nuisance to understand and distract from critical day to day operations that are so vital in the early days of a startup. Insurance is crucial when you need it but usually an afterthought early on. I remember the pain first hand the first time an insurance question was brought up at Visible when we needed technology errors and omissions insurance for a particular client. To save fellow operators, founders and entrepreneurs the headache, we’ve partnered with Founder Shield to provide some more insight into a common insurance type for venture backed companies; Directors & Officers Insurance (commonly referred to as D&O). We hope you…

Mike Preuss - October 7, 2017


Zapier + Visible

We’re thrilled to be launching our Zapier integration out of beta and to bring the power of over 700+ applications to our customer base. Even better is you can utilize Zapier’s multi-step workflows and add on the Visible trigger to your existing apps. Not familiar with Zapier? Zapier connects all of the apps you use to automate your workflows. When something happens in a particular application an action is triggered in another. Check out some examples below to understand how you can automate your stakeholder reporting with Zapier and Visible.     Send Sales and Marketing data directly to Visible Metrics. Send KPIs from Pipedrive, Intercom, Mailchimp or any supported CRM and marketing tool directly to Visible metrics. Connect to your database! Want to automatically update Daily Active Users, Transactions Processed or…

Mike Preuss - September 5, 2017

#Product Updates

An Open-Sourced Financial Model for SaaS Startups

Back in the beginning 2016 we penned one of our most popular posts ever, Financial Modeling for Startups, then “open sourced” a Total Addressable Market template after building it for ourselves and found that it would be helpful to put in the hands of fellow startups. Through that we met Mike Simmons, the CEO of Credsimple who provided some great feedback and wanted to make some tweaks for his own use. We have kept in touch over the years (we’re also proud to call Credsimple a Visible customer). Mike recently decided to open source his own SaaS model for other companies to benefit. You can find Mike’s original post here. There are a few key point why we love the model and post: Why you need an operating model The focus on questions, answers…

Mike Preuss - August 22, 2017

#Metrics & Data

Most Popular Times to Send Your Investor Update

We often get asked questions from customers and prospects ranging from: When should I send my investor update? How long should my investor update be? What should I include in my investor update?  While there is no hard and fast rule there are some best practices. (Our first piece of advice is don’t overthink it and just send it! Check out our Techstars presentation for more best practices on Investing in Investor Updates) We have a meaningful dataset at our fingers tip so we brushed up on our SQL query skills to break out some insights with how our customers are using Investor Updates. On average, Visible users are sending investor updates out to ~12 recipients and including ~4.5 charts. Fun fact: The most recipients for a given update is 130 and most charts coming…