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Q3 2019 Pro Rata Newsletter Funding Data

Dan Primack is a prolific journalist who has covered the venture capital & private equity space for years. He currently produces the Pro Rata Newsletter at Axios. It’s a daily newsletter covering VC/PE news, fundings, M&A, personnel changes and more. We’re always looking for ways to arm customers with more data, information and give them a better shot at fundraising. We figured Pro Rata Newsletter would be a good source of recent deal activity & decided to turn it into a structured data set for all of Q3. For this initial project we decided to collect: Company Name Company URL Amount Raised Investors Date of Funding Announcement Company City/State Link to funding announcement We used Airtable to start structuring the data. With a quick maps block we were able to get a snapshot of the…

Mike Preuss - October 10, 2019


It’s live! Update Editor 2.0

Updates are the core of the Visible product. It’s no secret that we believe that regular investor updates are a key component of startup success and raising follow-on funding. We want to continue to be the best way to build and send your investor updates, which is why we’ve released our Update Editor 2.0. With our newest release, writing Updates is quicker and easier than ever before. In addition to a UI facelift, we’ve also added features that are as functional as they are fun to use. Here are a few of the things you can do with our Update Editor 2.0: Move and organize text, objects, charts and images easily with universal drag-and-drop Get a clean, professional look with side-by-side charts Use new blocks to add charts, tables, files, text and images anywhere in your update…

Ultimate Guide to Currency Conversion & Consolidation

Operating a business across many countries and dealing with multiple currencies presents plenty of unique challenges. Converting and consolidating financial data from QuickBooks, Xero and other sources should not find itself in the “challenges” category; however, it often does. No reason to fret, the Visible team has you covered with this guide. We’ve helped many customers handle their currency conversion needs with our formula builder and Google Sheets integration but wanted to kick things up a notch with a comprehensive guide. Transparently, we’d love for you to trial Visible & be a hopefully become a customer, but anyone will be able to find value in our currency and consolidation guide, especially for those of you using QuickBooks, Xero and/or Google Sheets! This guide will be broken down into 3 parts: Automatically creating currency exchange rates…

QuickBooks Integration Improvements

Getting your key metrics, custom financials and business data out of QuickBooks Online just got a whole lot easier. Our product team (special thanks to Eugene)  just released a stellar improvement to our existing QuickBooks integration. Our improved integration will pull data from your Profit & Loss Statement, Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows. We will sync any headers, sub-headers and specific accounts that are unique to your business. Once connected, the headers will unfurl and you’ll be able to customize which metrics you’d like to pull in along with the headers themselves. If you’re already using our QuickBooks integration, simply edit your current connection and we’ll display all of the new metrics that you can sync. For new users, just connect to QuickBooks as a new integration.  …

New Feature: Recurring Updates

One of the things that makes investor updates powerful is consistency. The best startups use updates to create a story, drawing lines (not dots) that demonstrate their progress in a dependable way. Through consistent investor communication, a company can signal that they will be good stewards of their investors’ capital. These are the companies investors fund and trust. We’re thrilled to announce the next evolution of Updates on the Visible platform — Recurring Updates. Recurring Updates will help coach our customers through habit-forming nudges aimed to make them more accountable and dependable with their stakeholder reporting. With Recurring Updates, customers will be able to turn an Update into a Recurring Update. Recurring Updates have the following unique features: Ability to set a customized sending schedule with helpful email reminders Any…

The Ultimate Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS

As startups scale, iterate, innovate and create processes, we would hope to see them not only acquiring customers at a faster pace, but also retaining them longer, correct? One would assume as product/market fit is found, domain experts are hired and new campaigns are launched that customer retentions gets better…but how do you know? This is why a cohort retention analysis is incredibly helpful, and why we created The Ultimate Customer Retention Cohort Analysis Template for SaaS. A cohort analysis is a study of activities for a certain segment of customers or users. In this template, we are looking at the customer cohorts for the quarter or month they were acquired, and what % of those customers were retained for subsequent quarters/months. Ideally, you are improving retention with your most recent cohorts. In the example…

Mike Preuss - January 31, 2019

#Metrics & KPIs

Updated Navigation + Tables in Updates

If you sign into Visible today, you’ll see an updated navigation. The changes we’ve made are small, but they will accomplish a couple key items: Make drafting, editing and sending Updates easier than ever Set the stage for some game-changing improvements & features to be delivered later this quarter. What, exactly, is changing?  Update drafts are now in the sidebar. Instead of a couple clicks to get into an Update, you’ll be able get there with much more ease. We’ve fixed Settings, Metrics and Contacts to the bottom of the sidebar. We’ve also created a specific Sent Updates navigation item to quickly see the Stats of your previously sent Updates. Our aim was to have anything you are frequently creating, viewing or editing to be prominent, near the top of of the navigation, while features that…

Mike Preuss - January 22, 2019

#Product Updates

Salesforce Updates – Contacts & Accounts

The Visible product team just updated our Salesforce Integration. We now support the Contacts and Accounts objects in addition to the already existing Leads and Opportunities objects. If you need a refresher on Salesforce, you can read more in our knowledge base. Contact us to send us any feedback or questions. Up & to the right, -Mike & The Visible Team.

Variance Reporting

How are we doing? Are things going to plan? Are we overspending? Underspending? Where should we double-down? Cutback? These are all questions that you’ve likely encountered in a management meeting or recent board meeting. Today we are excited to announce new Variance Report module that will be part of our insights layer. Variance reporting will let our customers quickly assign any of their KPIs to a forecasted or budgeted value and with one-click get back a full Variance Report. We’ll calculate the following in your Variance Report: MTD Variance MTD Variance % YTD Actual YTD Variance YTD Variance % YTD Actual prior yr YTD Actual prior yr YTD Variance prior yr YTD Variance % Our budget vs actual and variance reporting will give you instant insights and reporting capabilities for any of…

[Webinar] How to get Funded in 15 Days

Join Visible and our partners over at Lighter Capital on April 10th and 2pm EST for our Webinar on How to Get Funded in 15 Days. Compressing the fundraising cycle can have a huge impact on a startup and its chances of success. This webinar will help you speed up your fundraising cycle by arming you with the information and data that startup investors want to see. We’ll also cover the best ways to present data to investors using the latest technology and communications. This webinar will cover: The legal and financial data and documents investors need to see. Data sources and technology solutions to communicate with investors. How to use business operations dashboards and metrics to inform your management decisions and fundraising strategy. Head over and Register for the Webinar now!  -The…

Mike Preuss - March 27, 2018