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Karel is our CTO. He is in charge of the engeenering team and the application architecture. He has more than 10 years of experience working with startups and touching almost every possible part of a web application. He is an avid biker and rock climber.

Discover our Engineering Blog

Today, we are launching our new Engineering Blog. We will share what we do and learn about the technologies that we get to play with. The focus will likely be around Ruby and Javascript since it is the two technologies we use the most. We will also use the blog to communicate about the Open-Source project that we have in the pipeline. We benefit a lot from the Open-Source movement and have a strong commitment to contribute to existing project and eventually create new ones. Actually, our first posting on the Engineering Blog will be about an Open-Source project that is born out of our new webiste (the one you are currently on). We tried to figure out how we could remove the frustration that often comes with WordPress theme development and create A…

Karel - August 31, 2015


Innovate, Don’t Duplicate: Why We Rebuilt Visible from the Ground Up

You will hear it from almost every developer: “I could do it better (and faster)”. Refactoring or rewriting an application is developer porn. You explore new technologies, update your stack, redefine the architecture… all these excite our reptilian brains. So great, let’s rewrite the application! But wait… we are still trying to nail our product/market fit, we are still growing the company, we have a legacy application running, we have a customer expecting updates… are we really doing this? Owning the code base The Visible 1.0 code base was over 1.5 years old and had been written and maintained by  different contract developers to build the prototype while we searched for product/market fit. The code was ok, it worked, but none of the contractors were full time employees of the…

Karel - August 10, 2015

#Product Updates