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Personalized Updates, New Text Editor & Improved Readability

Our Improved Investor Update Editor We’re thrilled to announce two new design & UX improvements to the core Visible experience. Starting today, Updates can be addressed to respective recipients. These are commonly referred to as “merge tags”, and you can use them to personalize an Update with a recipient’s first name, last name and email. Simply highlight the text you want to personalize and click the “tag” icon and choose the field you want to include. We will populate the fields based on the names set in your Contact Lists & Users section. If a field happens to be blank, you can include a fallback value. Merge tags are being powered by an all new text editor and writing experience! In addition to giving us a great platform for new…

By Ciaran Hanrahan - September 11, 2018

Your New & Improved Data Section

The Visible team recently pushed changes to the data section to provide more insights, context and usability. We’ve broken down the data section into a couple of key components. Experience Improvements With just a single click you can automatically generate a chart for any metric. You’ll have the option to return to the data section to create additional metrics or you can go to the respective dashboard and continue to edit the chart. Insights With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to see the following metrics that we automatically calculate for you: Growth % – the change from the previous year Previous Year – the value for the same metric one year prior Previous Year Change – The % change for the same metric from the previous year Total – The cumulative…

By Ciaran Hanrahan - April 13, 2018

How and Why We Changed Our Onboarding

Intro User Onboarding is one of the most challenging aspects of product design. Approaching the task of how can we improve our onboarding experience can end up involving an evaluation of the entire product offering and the messaging around it (including but not restricted to all marketing material, ads & search results in google, your website, and it of course runs right through your product.) The latest part of our user onboarding experience we recently undertook evaluating was the first run in product experience. This was our third attempt at tackling it. From our research we’ve seen that we’re not alone in the struggle to get this right. A look across the blogs of many other products will show blog posts about onboarding experiences which have since been overhauled completely.…

By Ciaran Hanrahan - December 21, 2017

Product Update: Filtering & Bulk Editing

We recently pushed some great improvements to the Data section on Visible to make it easy to search, filter and edit your respective metrics. We also make some speed improvements so the data section should load faster as well! Filtering & Sorting You can now sort and filter by categories & data sources. Simply click the filter icon and select your respective fields to filter the data table. Bulk Editing Select multiple metrics and quickly edit many metrics at once. You can quickly assign a new category and metric type with the new bulk editor as well as delete metrics you no longer need. Be on the look out for even more improvements in the future. We hope you enjoy!

By Ciaran Hanrahan - July 6, 2017

What is Your Ultimate Report? Part 1: Pacing

When we talk to our customers and potential customers we love to get an understanding of their “ultimate report”. It’s the report that stakeholders can quickly rally behind and understand how the business is performing, usually to a goal or target. Through this we’ve learned a ton and want to share the learnings with our audience through a 4 part series. Part 1 of 4: Pacing Today is Part 1 of the series, pacing. Pacing is a great way to apply weights to different periods throughout a range. E.g. You may close 40% of your deals in the last month of the quarter as reps have more urgency. Pacing should let you know if you are on track or not.The above chart is an example of pacing. This one in particular…

By Ciaran Hanrahan - June 20, 2017

A Note From our Design Team

Our New Chart Builder Colors We recently added 3 new color palettes to our color picker in the chart builder. The first row of colors (which have always been in place) are from the original Visible color palette. They’re what you would currently see in any Visible charts presuming you haven’t changed the default colors (and let’s be honest – nobody changes the defaults!). But in case you’ve been looking for an easier way to brighten up your charts, we’ve added 3 new color palettes. The 2nd row is inspired by Visible 2.0 and reflects the more modern colors we use throughout our app. The 3rd color palette is inspired by the simple and smart colors of Google’s Material design. The 4th is inspired by the bright colors of Apple’s…

By Ciaran Hanrahan - September 30, 2016