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Has Startup Capital Really Become Harder to Get?

The Competition for Startup Capital When it comes to raising capital in 2018, the data seems to speak for itself: more venture money is going to fewer startups. According to the Wall Street Journal, the relative number of companies receiving funding has decreased by 40%. You could hardly read a piece of industry writing this year without bumping into some version of these statistics. (Case in point: this blog post) At the same time, some signals suggest that the startup ecosystem is flourishing. Cash keeps pouring in, accelerators continue to be on the rise, and Inc. reports entrepreneurial activity, though not currently rising, remains steady. So, what’s the real story? Are startup leaders feeling the crunch? Has startup capital really become harder to get? That’s what we want to find…

Andrew Clark - November 29, 2018


5 Questions to Answer Before Your First Meeting With an Investor

“How should I prepare for an investor pitch?” This is a question we hear a lot, both from first-time entrepreneurs and from founders who have raised before. There is no shortage of advice available on how to prep for a pitch meeting. Here’s the problem: if you’re asking that question at the pitch stage, you’re already too late. Most of the time, your first meeting with an investor isn’t a pitch. Instead, it’s a coffee, or a cocktail, or an introduction at an event. Often, it’s not a meeting at all—it’s an email conversation. You know the saying, “you only get chance to make a first impression?” This is especially true for investors. While there’s an awful lot of emphasis put on preparing for a pitch, an investor is going…

Andrew Clark - November 15, 2018


The Friday Note Challenge

If you are a CEO or other company leader, I have a challenge for you: spend the next 8 weeks writing Friday notes to your team. You don’t have to send them on Fridays, and they don’t actually have to be written—I’ve seen video updates work very well, too—but you do have to send one to all of your employees, every week, for the next 8 weeks. If you haven’t done this kind of thing before, I guarantee you’ll be pleased with the results. Ben Horowitz wrote that “perhaps the CEO’s most important operational responsibility is designing and implementing the communication architecture for her company.” Put another way, the CEO sets the tone for company communication. If you communicate intentionally, openly, and predictably, odds are the rest of your team…

Andrew Clark - November 8, 2018