April 2020 Venture Data Report

Published May 5, 2020

After March seemed to slowly drag on, the days of April zoomed by. While adjusting to everyone’s new normal, there is plenty to uncover surrounding the VC eco-system.

For Starters

The month of April begins the expected pushback in investment deal volume. The setbacks of COVID-19 will likely continue for several months, depending on the rate of re-opening the U.S. economy, global trading, and our lives. April brought 239 deals combining for a total of $8,040,000,000. Compared to March, we recorded 16 more deals, but over $1.5B less invested.

Note: This is data collected from the Pro Rata Newsletter.

Scope of deal values for April:

  • Minimum: $1,500,000
  • Mode: $5,000,000 (13 Deals)
  • Median $15,000,000
  • Average $33,781,513 (March: $43,665,753)
  • Maximum: $500,000,000 (Raised by Epic Games)

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