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A sit down with the CEO of Lessonly, Max Yoder This week I was fortunate enough to talk with the Lessonly team. They are based in Indianapolis & disrupting the corporate training market. We use…

A sit down with the CEO of Lessonly, Max Yoder

This week I was fortunate enough to talk with the Lessonly team. They are based in Indianapolis & disrupting the corporate training market.

We use at Visible to help onboard new companies and share all the functionality we have to offer.

The team is growing and they just moved into a new office (picture below). I’m told they have desks coming but they actually look pretty comfy as is. #lowburn


As if Max wasn’t busy enough, he also created The First Fund. A scholarship for first grade students and the teachers, parents, and guardians who love them. Read more about it in Fast Company.

Check out our awesome Q&A with them below!

What is in a sentence or two? is a training platform for non-trainers. We empower busy people who have training needs, but don’t have time for any software that’s anything less than easy.

What is your business model?

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Who is your customer?

Great question! We are getting a better understanding of this every day, because it’s the question we focus on the most. With our growing information, along with some educated guesses, we have put together a few buyer personas to focus on—the common thread is that they all care about driving performance by growing their people in an efficient way. This takes a lot of different shapes. Some build lessons for brand training, some for sales enablement, some for client-facing product training, some for initial employee onboarding, and the list goes on.

Who are some of the most interesting customers or use-case examples of people using

The variance in the use cases makes us excited and leaves us always wondering what will it be used for next. We’ve seen anything from one of our investors, Jay Baer, using it to communicate the latest recommended digital marketing software applications to marketing agencies, all the way to one of our clients using it to correlate salesperson activity with lesson completeness and accuracy to predict success.

What has been the biggest surprise to you since starting

At first, corporate training seemed to be fairly cut and dry – there are full-time trainers in organizations and they need a tool to help them do their job. What we have found though, is that there are so many people within an organization who have training needs. We’ve identified this need as being so necessary and expansive, that we now view it as our sweet spot.


Do you have any company traditions? Any unique culture “hacks”?

Absolutely, and they keep stacking up.

1. We had our first annual Christmas party / breakfast at Cafe Patachou in Broad Ripple this December.

2. We use a great app for group chat called FlowDoc. Within FlowDoc, we have a bot user named @Bort. Bort interacts with us in various ways, but his crowning achievement is finding great GIFs and sharing them with the team. Thanks @Bort!

3. We park at a free spot in Indianapolis. Free spot in Indy, you ask? They don’t exist within 20 minutes of walking distance. So, does walking 20 minutes in 0-degree weather count?

4. Last, but not least, what’s the one thing everyone wishes they had for the rest of their life after school is over? That’s right, spring break. We have it. 1 week, early spring, every year.

What metrics are key to

Monthly Recurring Revenue, Active Users, Completed Lessons

How do you currently update your investors?

We use this great tool called Visible. Have you heard of it?

What is next for What has you excited?

We’ve just assembled our personal dream team, moved into our first office, and now we are getting after it. We’ve got a great group of customers and a whole host of more on the way.


To find out more about you can follow them on Twitter, send Max an email, or visit their site.

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