Mike’s Note #11 — A Matchmaking Experience

Published April 10, 2020

I’ve found the best advice typically comes from someone with relevant experience. When asked for advice I try operating this way, sharing a story or experience rather than my mere opinion.

This weekly note consists of 2,500+ founders and operators. Many of you have deep, rich experiences and/or many are also looking for guidance in these unprecedented times.

We are going to attempt to play matchmaker and facilitate introductions with our community. Here is how this will work.

  1. Fill out this form with areas you can provide experience and areas where you need guidance.
  2. We (Visible) will facilitate the introductions. To respect everyone’s time these intros will be double opt in.
  3. *This is a complete experiment. The likelihood is this will fail but we want to test. We will still help anyway we can if you are looking for some help.

Fill out the Form

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