Our 6 Favorite Newsletters for Startup Founders

Matt Preuss
Marketing Manager

With endless amounts of “startup” content across Medium, company blogs, and VC blogs it can be daunting to find what is truly valuable. So how do you separate the signal from the noise and make sure you aren’t spending all of your time finding good stuff to read instead of taking action on the learnings?

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Newsletters are a great place to start. When curating content for our Visible Foreword newsletter we’ve scoured countless newsletters and have laid out a few of our favorites that will help founders build and grow their business.

HBR – Management Tip of the Day

The Management Tip of the Day lands in your inbox every weekday morning. Topics range from building your own company to bettering yourself as a leader and founder. Posts are generally short and can be read in just a couple of minutes. You can subscribe to HBR Newsletters here. (Note: HBR offers a number of another valuable newsletter that come highly recommended as well).

Tomasz Tunguz

Tomasz Tunguz is a Partner at Redpoint Ventures and former Google Product Manager. In one of our team’s favorite blogs Tomasz takes in-depth looks at all aspects of building a startup. Get a unique perspective from a VC as Tomasz covers everything from customer success to term sheets and cap tables. You can subscribe to Tomasz Tunguz’ Newsletter here.

Hacker Newsletter

A weekly newsletter curating the top posts on Hacker News over the course of the week. The content covers everything from code and design to popular books and tips for working. You can subscribe to Hacker Newsletter here.


A daily newsletter from Connie Gallippi, Founder of BitGive. While not strategic content to help with your business directly Connie highlights all of the VC deals closed during the previous day and any relevant news in the tech/startup world. One of the team favorites at Visible. You can subscribe to StrictlyVC here.

First Round Review

An incredibly popular, and useful, newsletter from the team at First Round. In a weekly newsletter packed with content the First Round Review Newsletter highlights everything from the previous week on their blog. Generally, covering a bit of all things “startup” First Round has strong content around culture, diversity, and hiring. You can subscribe to the First Round Review Newsletter Here.